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Animals Are Passing From Our Lives Analysis

Author: poem of Philip Levine Type: poem Views: 8

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It's wonderful how I jog

on four honed-down ivory toes

my massive buttocks slipping

like oiled parts with each light step.

I'm to market. I can smell

the sour, grooved block, I can smell

the blade that opens the hole

and the pudgy white fingers

that shake out the intestines

like a hankie. In my dreams

the snouts drool on the marble,

suffering children, suffering flies,

suffering the consumers

who won't meet their steady eyes

for fear they could see. The boy

who drives me along believes

that any moment I'll fall

on my side and drum my toes

like a typewriter or squeal

and shit like a new housewife

discovering television,

or that I'll turn like a beast

cleverly to hook his teeth

with my teeth. No. Not this pig.


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Philip Levine saw him self as "the voice for those who didnt have one." and he felt obligated to represent the minority.
In this poem the pig represents the lower class and the humans represent the employers and CEO's saying how they may be seen as nothing but only lowly animals to use and expose.

| Posted on 2015-03-10 | by a guest

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The poem graphically depicts the fate the pig will face at market place. The personification of the pig, its awareness of the fate of a pig in the market place, illustrates the intelligence the animal possesses. Comparison of animals and humans demonstrates the cruelty the pig is about to face, execution without cause. Intelligence and awareness, both qualities humans associate with themselves and their superiority over animals, are present in the pig. The qualities destroy the illusion humans have of superiority over animals. By giving the pig these traits the poet illustrates the murderous acts humans commit towards animals.

| Posted on 2014-01-13 | by a guest

.: :.

Philip Levine is saying that in life, the inhumane, pig-like, people in the world are humans, not pigs. He says that humans are more like pigs than pigs are.

| Posted on 2010-02-21 | by a guest


This is a strange poem but it is very very true. I would hate to be the pig in this story. he imagines getting his intestines shaken out. That is so gross. Poor pig. At least he has dignity. I hope he doesn't get killed. He sounds cute.

| Posted on 2008-06-04 | by a guest

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