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Hey Baby Analysis

Author: poem of Maggie Estep Type: poem Views: 12

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Liner Notes - (from No More Mister Nice Girl)

I was having a foul day. Some

geezer harrassed me on the street and I got completely bent out of shape,

but the guy was huge so I just stuffed my retort. Went home to drink

coffee. No milk. I ripped through the cupboards and found Non Dairy Creamer.

It tasted like shit. I got into one of those senseless rages where you

throw stuff. I hurled the Non Dairy Creamer and it fell into the tub where

I was running some bath water. The creamer erupted and made this bathing

gel of Non Dairy Creamer. I was ready to kill myself. Instead I wrote Hey


So I'm walking down the street

minding my own business

when this guy starts with me

he's suckin' his lips goin'

Hey Baby

Yo Baby

Hey Baby


and I get a little tense and nervous

but I keep walking

but the guy, he's dogging my every move

hey Miss, he says,

Don't miss this!

And he grabs his crotch and sneers ear to ear

so finally, I turn around

Hey Buddy, I say

I'm feelin' kinda tense, Buddy

I got a fuckin' song in my heart

so come on,

Let's go

I got a huge bucket of non-dairy creamer

and some time to kill

so let's do it

we'll make some foul-smelling artifical milk

and drink gallons and gallons and gallons of it

Get our bladders exceedingly full then

sit on the toilet together and let

the water run in the shower

and torture ourselves by not letting ourselves urinate

as the water rushes loudly

into the bathrub, okay?

We'll do it together

writhe in utter agony

Just you and me

and I'll even spring for some of that blue shit

for the toilet bowl, all right?

I mean, that's my idea of a good time

so how bout it, you wanna?

The guy backs up a bit

Whatsa matter, Baby?

You got somethin' against men?, he says

No, I say

I don't have anything against men

Just STUPID men


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