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The Call Analysis

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(France, August first, 1914)

    Far and near, high and clear,

    Hark to the call of War!

Over the gorse and the golden dells,

Ringing and swinging of clamorous bells,

Praying and saying of wild farewells:

    War! War! War!

    High and low, all must go:

    Hark to the shout of War!

Leave to the women the harvest yield;

Gird ye, men, for the sinister field;

A sabre instead of a scythe to wield:

    War! Red War!

    Rich and poor, lord and boor,

    Hark to the blast of War!

Tinker and tailor and millionaire,

Actor in triumph and priest in prayer,

Comrades now in the hell out there,

    Sweep to the fire of War!

    Prince and page, sot and sage,

    Hark to the roar of War!

Poet, professor and circus clown,

Chimney-sweeper and fop o' the town,

Into the pot and be melted down:

    Into the pot of War!

    Women all, hear the call,

    The pitiless call of War!

Look your last on your dearest ones,

Brothers and husbands, fathers, sons:

Swift they go to the ravenous guns,

    The gluttonous guns of War.

    Everywhere thrill the air

    The maniac bells of War.

There will be little of sleeping to-night;

There will be wailing and weeping to-night;

Death's red sickle is reaping to-night:

    War! War! War!


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