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Saturday At The Border Analysis

Author: poem of Hayden Carruth Type: poem Views: 13

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      "Form follows function follows form . . . , etc."

                            --Dr. J. Anthony Wadlington

Here I am writing my first villanelle

At seventy-two, and feeling old and tired--

"Hey, Pops, why dontcha give us the old death knell?"--

And writing it what's more on the rim of hell

In blazing Arizona when all I desired

Was north and solitude and not a villanelle,

Working from memory and not remembering well

How many stanzas and in what order, wired

On Mexican coffee, seeing the death knell

Of sun's salvos upon these hills that yell

Bloody murder silently to the much admired

Dead-blue sky. One wonders if a villanelle

Can do the job. Granted, old men now must tell

Our young world how these bigots and these retired

Bankers of Arizona are ringing the death knell

For everyone, how ideologies compel

Children to violence. Artifice acquired

For its own sake is war. Frail villanelle,

Have you this power? And must Igo and sell

Myself? "Wow," they say, and "cool"--this hired

Old poetry guy with his spaced-out death knell.

Ah, far from home and God knows not much fired

By thoughts of when he thought he was inspired,

He writes by writing what he must. Death knell

Is what he's found in his first villanelle.


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