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What Would Freud Say? Analysis

Author: poem of Bob Hicok Type: poem Views: 8

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Wasn't on purpose that I drilled

through my finger or the nurse

laughed. She apologized

three times and gave me a shot

of something that was a lusher

apology. The person

who drove me home

said my smile was a smeared

totem that followed

his body that night as it arced

over a cliff in a dream.

He's always flying

in his dreams and lands

on cruise ships or hovers

over Atlanta with an erection.

He put me to bed and the drugs

wore off and I woke

to cannibals at my extremities.

I woke with a sense

of what nails in the palms

might do to a spirit

temporarily confined to flesh.

That too was an accident

if you believe Judas

merely wanted to be loved.

To be loved by God,

Urban the 8th

had heads cut off

that were inadequately

bowed by dogma. To be loved

by Blondie, Dagwood

gets nothing right

except the hallucinogenic

architecture of sandwiches.

He would have drilled

through a finger too

while making a case for books

on home repair and health.

Drilling through my finger's

not the dumbest thing

I've done. Second place

was approaching

a frozen gas-cap with lighter

in hand while thinking

heat melts ice and not

explosion kills asshole. First

place was passing

through a bedroom door

and removing silk that did not

belong to my wife.

Making a bookcase is not

the extent of my apology.

I've also been beaten up

in a bar for saying huevos

rancheros in a way

insulting to the patrons'

ethnicity. I've also lost

my job because lying

face down on the couch

didn't jibe with my employer's

definition of home

office. I wanted her to come

through the door on Sunday

and see the bookcase

she'd asked me to build

for a year and be impressed

that it didn't lean

or wobble even though

I've only leaned and often

wobbled. Now it's half

done but certainly

a better gift with its map

of my unfaithful blood.

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