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To Eva Analysis

Author: poem of Ralph Waldo Emerson Type: poem Views: 9

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O Fair and stately maid, whose eye

Was kindled in the upper sky

At the same torch that lighted mine;

For so I must interpret still

Thy sweet dominion o'er my will,

A sympathy divine.

Ah! let me blameless gaze upon

Features that seem in heart my own,

Nor fear those watchful sentinels

Which charm the more their glance forbids,

Chaste glowing underneath their lids

With fire that draws while it repels.

Thine eyes still shined for me, though far

I lonely roved the land or sea,

As I behold yon evening star,

Which yet beholds not me.

This morn I climbed the misty hill,

And roamed the pastures through;

How danced thy form before my path,

Amidst the deep-eyed dew!

When the red bird spread his sable wing,

And showed his side of flame,

When the rose-bud ripened to the rose,

In both I read thy name.


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Who was eva? Why was he writing about her? Explain lines 11 -12

| Posted on 2016-07-26 | by a guest

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