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Rosy-Kins Analysis

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As home from church we two did plod,

"Grandpa," said Rosy, "What is God?"

Seeking an answer to her mind,

This is the best that I could find. . . .

God is the Iz-ness of our Cosmic Biz;

The high, the low, the near, the far,

The atom and the evening star;

The lark, the shark, the cloud, the clod,

The whole darned Universe - that's God.

Some deem that others there be,

And to them humbly bend the knee;

To Mumbo Jumbo and to Joss,

To Bud and Allah - but the Boss

Is mine . . . While there are suns and seas

MY timeless God shall dwell in these.

In every glowing leaf He lives;

When roses die His life he gives;

God is not outside and apart

From Nature, but her very heart;

No Architect (as I of verse)

He is Himself the Universe.

Said Rosy-kins: "Grandpa, how odd

Is your imagining of God.

To me he's always just appeared

A huge Grandfather with a beard.


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