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Brave New World Analysis

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One spoke: "Come, let us gaily go

With laughter, love and lust,

Since in a century or so

We'll all be boneyard dust.

When unborn shadows hold the screen,

(Our betters, I'll allow)

'Twill be as if we'd never been,

A hundred years from now.

When we have played life's lively game

Right royally we'll rot,

And not a soul will care a damn

The why or how we fought;

To grub for gold or grab for fame

Or raise a holy row,

It will be all the bloody same

A hundred years from now."

Said I: "Look! I have built a tower

Upon you lonely hill,

Designed to be a daughter's dower,

Yet when my heart is still,

The stone I set with horny hand

And salty sweat of brow,

A record of my strength will sand

A hundred years from now.

"There's nothing lost and nothing vain

In all this world so wide;

The ocean hoards each drop of rain

To swell its sweeping tide;

The desert seeks each grain of sand

It's empire to endow,

And we a bright brave world have planned

A hundred years from now.

And all we are and all we do

Will bring that world to be;

Our strain and pain let us not rue,

Though other eyes shall see;

For other hearts will bravely beat

And lips will sing of how

We strove to make life sane and sweet

A hundred years from now.


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In a group of people, one expresses the futility of life by advocating that the group should gaily go, with laughter, love and lust, because in one hundred years, “It will all be the bloody same.” But the poet then offers a different view, reporting that he has built a tower on a hill as a dower, or dowry, that his daughter will give to her future husband. The tower will stand as a record of the poet’s strength for future generations. Nothing’s lost or gained by the world as a whole, and so “all we are and all we do” are part of the bright brave new world we are planning for future generations. Therefore, says the poet, let us not regret our strivings, because in a hundred years’ time, “other hearts will bravely beat and lips will sing of how we strove to make life sane and sweet,” in other words, life is worthwhile, if we consider the wellbeing of future generations.
- Ross Milburn

| Posted on 2010-07-07 | by a guest

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