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Makers And Creatures Analysis

Author: poem of Vernon Scannell Type: poem Views: 13

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It is a curious experience

And one you"re bound to know, though probably

In other realms than that of literature,

Though I speak of poems now, assuming

That you are interested, otherwise,

Of course, you wouldn"t be reading this.

It is strange to come across a poem

In an old magazine, perhaps, and fail

At first to see that it"s your own.

Sometimes you think, grateful and surprised,

"That"s really not too bad", or gloomily:

"Many have done as well and far, far better".

Or, in despair, "My God that"s terrible.

What was I thinking of to publish it".

And then you start to wonder how the great

Poets felt, seeing, surprised, their poems

As strangers, beautiful.  And how do all the

Makers feel to see their creatures live:

The carpenter, the architect, the man who

Crochets intricate embroideries

Of steel across the sky.  And how does God

Feel, looking at his poems, his creatures?

The swelling inhalation of plump hills,

Plumage of poplars on the pale horizon,

Fishleap flashing in pools cool as silver,

Great horses haunched with glossy muscles

And birds who spray their song like apple juice

And the soft shock of snow.  He must feel good

Surprised again by these.  But what happens

When He takes a look at Man?  Does He say,

"That"s really not too bad", Or does He, as I fear,

Wince ruefully and mutter to Himself:

"What was I thinking of publishing that one"?

Submitted by Andrew Mayers


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