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Purdah Analysis

Author: poem of Sylvia Plath Type: poem Views: 20

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Jade --

Stone of the side,

The antagonized

Side of green Adam, I

Smile, cross-legged,


Shifting my clarities.

So valuable!

How the sun polishes this shoulder!

And should

The moon, my

Indefatigable cousin

Rise, with her cancerous pallors,

Dragging trees --

Little bushy polyps,

Little nets,

My visibilities hide.

I gleam like a mirror.

At this facet the bridegroom arrives

Lord of the mirrors!

It is himself he guides

In among these silk

Screens, these rustling appurtenances.

I breathe, and the mouth

Veil stirs its curtain

My eye

Veil is

A concatenation of rainbows.

I am his.

Even in his

Absence, I

Revolve in my

Sheath of impossibles,

Priceless and quiet

Among these parrakeets, macaws!

O chatterers

Attendants of the eyelash!

I shall unloose

One feather, like the peacock.

Attendants of the lip!

I shall unloose

One note


The chandelier

Of air that all day flies

Its crystals

A million ignorants.



And at his next step

I shall unloose

I shall unloose --

From the small jeweled

Doll he guards like a heart --

The lioness,

The shriek in the bath,

The cloak of holes.


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.: :.

please provide us stanza by stanza explanation of Sylvia Plath's poem "PURDAH"...its really important!!!!

| Posted on 2013-12-23 | by a guest

.: Purdah :.

The word 'Purdah' means a 'curtain' or 'screen'.
The 'purdah system' is practiced especially by keeping women in seclusion.
The poem is about 'oppression'.
The 'mirror' symbolizes the fact that in order to be a 'part of the society', one has to be like the rest.
"At this facet the bridegroom arrives
Lord of the mirrors!" >The bridegroom is also like everyone else...
People who are different are oppressed by the society.

| Posted on 2007-03-25 | by a guest

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