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Last Look Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 0

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What would I choose to see when I

To this bright earth shall bid good-bye?

When fades forever from my sight

The world I've loved with long delight?

What would I pray to look on last,

When Death shall draw the Curtain fast?

I've loved the farewell of the Sun,

Low-lapsing after work well done;

Or leaping from a sea forlorn,

Gold-glad to greet a day new born. . . .

Shall I elect to round my dream

The Sun I hail as Lord Supreme?

Ah no! Of Heaven's shining host,

It is the Moon I love the most;

And if, when I shall cease to be,

God lets me keep one memory

Of loveliness that held me thrall,

The Moon's the one I would recall.

. . . The new Moon fine as pearly clip

From Cleopatra's finger-tip;

. . . The ripe Moon vaulting o'er the trees

As ruddy as a Cheddar cheese;

. . . The late Moon, frail and wanly fair,

Relaxed on silver rocking chair. . . .

But most of all, the Moon intense

With radiant indifference;

So placid, glacid, pure, serene,

Of all perfection proudly Queen. . . .

Oh Mistress Mine, let me adore

Your beauty but one moment more!

One last look . . . Let the Curtain fall,

Then let me look no more at all.


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