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The Mill Analysis

Author: poem of Edwin Arlington Robinson Type: poem Views: 14

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The miller's wife had waited long,

    The tea was cold, the fire was dead;

And there might yet be nothing wrong

    In how he went and what he said:

"There are no millers any more,"

    Was all that she had heard him say;

And he had lingered at the door

    So long that it seemed yesterday.

Sick with a fear that had no form

    She knew that she was there at last;

And in the mill there was a warm

    And mealy fragrance of the past.

What else there was would only seem

    To say again what he had meant;

And what was hanging from a beam

    Would not have heeded where she went.

And if she thought it followed her,

    She may have reasoned in the dark

That one way of the few there were

    Would hide her and would leave no mark:

Black water, smooth above the weir

    Like starry velvet in the night,

Though ruffled once, would soon appear

    The same as ever to the sight.


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.: :.

Wife already knew she was going to kill herself. \"Sick with fear that had no form\"
And she knew, when she arrived at the mill, that she had found the place. \"She knew that she was there at last\"
Gratefully, her husband would not get in her way. \"And what was hanging from the beam / would not have heeded where she went.\"
\"And if she thought it followed her\" What is it? The fear, her husband\'s body?

| Posted on 2012-06-09 | by a guest

.: :.

no more millers. man kills himself. wife doese the same.

| Posted on 2010-03-31 | by a guest

.: :.

Occurring during the Industrial Revolution, the miller looses his job and identity to the manufactures and in result kills himself. The wife coming home to the mill and finding her husband hanging,walks to the "black waters" and kills herself as well.

| Posted on 2009-09-20 | by a guest

.: :.

without her husband the miller's wife can no longer survive

| Posted on 2009-03-17 | by a guest

.: Analysis :.

For the mill, the loss of his job was more than just the loss of his occupation.The mill lost his identity and was not able to overcome it.

| Posted on 2008-03-06 | by a guest

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