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The Mask Analysis

Author: Poetry of William Butler Yeats Type: Poetry Views: 829

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"PUT off that mask of burning gold

With emerald eyes."

"O no, my dear, you make so bold

To find if hearts be wild and wise,

And yet not cold."

"I would but find what's there to find,

Love or deceit."

"It was the mask engaged your mind,

And after set your heart to beat,

Not what's behind."

"But lest you are my enemy,

I must enquire."

"O no, my dear, let all that be;

What matter, so there is but fire

In you, in me?"


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.: :.

A conversation is had by two definite lovers: Person 1 says: throw off that outer appearance of beauty and love. Person 2 says: oh my, you are forthcoming, but you won’t find out if my love is real that way. P1: I’ll find if your love is real. P2: what you see is me. P1: I must find out if your love is real. P2: I can see there is strong love in you, can you not in me? Essentially all we ever see is the mask: the outer.

| Posted on 2011-03-07 | by a guest

.: Identity in "The Mask" :.

I love this poem but I do not agree totally with the former comment on this poem. The former comment suggest that the important thing is the thing that is behind the mask. On the contrary I argue that Yeats suggest that there is nothing behind the mask except this fire that he is mentioning in the last lines. This is in accordance with the the philosophy of the postmodern period as well. So the identity of a person can only be characterized by he mask an identity chooses and that choice is to

| Posted on 2007-12-19 | by a guest

.: :.

In the first lines, there is the description of the mask like a precious object.Even if is not real. Through the dialogue between two lovers the poet explores the theme of the double. Everyone of us, everyday wears a different mask to hide his real essence. But that's not possible when you are in love with someone else. You have to be honest, you have to discover if your feelings are real. For this reason, what is important is to snake off the mask to know what theri behind and of course to watch in the eyes (wich generally are consider the mirror of the soul)your lover.

| Posted on 2005-06-28 | by Approved Guest

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