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Poem Of Remembrance For A Girl Or A Boy Analysis

Author: Poetry of Walt Whitman Type: Poetry Views: 1227

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YOU just maturing youth! You male or female!

Remember the organic compact of These States,

Remember the pledge of the Old Thirteen thenceforward to the rights,

life, liberty, equality of man,

Remember what was promulged by the founders, ratified by The States,

signed in black and white by the Commissioners, and read by

Washington at the head of the army,

Remember the purposes of the founders,--Remember Washington;

Remember the copious humanity streaming from every direction toward


Remember the hospitality that belongs to nations and men; (Cursed be

nation, woman, man, without hospitality!)

Remember, government is to subserve individuals,

Not any, not the President, is to have one jot more than you or me,

Not any habitan of America is to have one jot less than you or me. 10

Anticipate when the thirty or fifty millions, are to become the

hundred, or two hundred millions, of equal freemen and

freewomen, amicably joined.

Recall ages--One age is but a part--ages are but a part;

The eternal equilibrium of things is great, and the eternal overthrow

of things is great,

And there is another paradox.

Recall the angers, bickerings, delusions, superstitions, of the idea

of caste,

Recall the bloody cruelties and crimes.

Anticipate the best women;

I say an unnumbered new race of hardy and well-defined women are to

spread through all These States,

I say a girl fit for These States must be free, capable, dauntless,

just the same as a boy.

Anticipate your own life--retract with merciless power,

Shirk nothing--retract in time--Do you see those errors, diseases,

weaknesses, lies, thefts?

Do you see that lost character?--Do you see decay, consumption, rum-

drinking, dropsy, fever, mortal cancer or inflammation?20

Do you see death, and the approach of death?


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WALT WHITMAN IS A GENIUS! He saw America as it was supposed to be, not how it is now. Instead of a united nation, we are seperated by bigotry and stupid stuff like that. (I'm a bigot too, don't get me wrong) This is an amazing poem, that every modern American should be required to read.

I am a little confused about the everyone being equal on possessions matters, because that does seem to infer communism of sorts.

I don't really like the formatting that he uses, they seem like paragraphs instead of stanzas. It just makes it a little harder to read.

This does, however, make you think a little bit more about what is actually being said here, slows you down to comprehend what's actually being said. He really is a great poet, a retroactive writer of our time.


| Posted on 2005-01-05 | by whyette_h

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