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Long I Thought That Knowledge Analysis

Author: Poetry of Walt Whitman Type: Poetry Views: 515

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LONG I thought that knowledge alone would suffice me--O if I could

but obtain knowledge!

Then my lands engrossed me--Lands of the prairies, Ohio's land, the

southern savannas, engrossed me--For them I would live--I would

be their orator;

Then I met the examples of old and new heroes--I heard of warriors,

sailors, and all dauntless persons--And it seemed to me that I

too had it in me to be as dauntless as any--and would be so;

And then, to enclose all, it came to me to strike up the songs of the

New World--And then I believed my life must be spent in


But now take notice, land of the prairies, land of the south

savannas, Ohio's land,

Take notice, you Kanuck woods--and you Lake Huron--and all that with

you roll toward Niagara--and you Niagara also,

And you, Californian mountains--That you each and all find somebody

else to be your singer of songs,

For I can be your singer of songs no longer--One who loves me is

jealous of me, and withdraws me from all but love,

With the rest I dispense--I sever from what I thought would suffice

me, for it does not--it is now empty and tasteless to me,

I heed knowledge, and the grandeur of The States, and the example of

heroes, no more,10

I am indifferent to my own songs--I will go with him I love,

It is to be enough for us that we are together--We never separate



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