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Warble Of Lilac-Time Analysis

Author: Poetry of Walt Whitman Type: Poetry Views: 455

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WARBLE me now, for joy of Lilac-time,

Sort me, O tongue and lips, for Nature's sake, and sweet life's

sake--and death's the same as life's,

Souvenirs of earliest summer--birds' eggs, and the first berries;

Gather the welcome signs, (as children, with pebbles, or stringing


Put in April and May--the hylas croaking in the ponds--the elastic


Bees, butterflies, the sparrow with its simple notes,

Blue-bird, and darting swallow--nor forget the high-hole flashing his

golden wings,

The tranquil sunny haze, the clinging smoke, the vapor,

Spiritual, airy insects, humming on gossamer wings,

Shimmer of waters, with fish in them--the cerulean above;10

All that is jocund and sparkling--the brooks running,

The maple woods, the crisp February days, and the sugar-making;

The robin, where he hops, bright-eyed, brown-breasted,

With musical clear call at sunrise, and again at sunset,

Or flitting among the trees of the apple-orchard, building the nest

of his mate;

The melted snow of March--the willow sending forth its yellow-green


--For spring-time is here! the summer is here! and what is this in it

and from it?

Thou, Soul, unloosen'd--the restlessness after I know not what;

Come! let us lag here no longer--let us be up and away!

O for another world! O if one could but fly like a bird!20

O to escape--to sail forth, as in a ship!

To glide with thee, O Soul, o'er all, in all, as a ship o'er the


--Gathering these hints, these preludes--the blue sky, the grass, the

morning drops of dew;

(With additional songs--every spring will I now strike up additional


Nor ever again forget, these tender days, the chants of Death as well

as Life;)

The lilac-scent, the bushes, and the dark green, heart-shaped leaves,

Wood violets, the little delicate pale blossoms called innocence,

Samples and sorts not for themselves alone, but for their atmosphere,

To tally, drench'd with them, tested by them,

Cities and artificial life, and all their sights and scenes,30

My mind henceforth, and all its meditations--my recitatives,

My land, my age, my race, for once to serve in songs,

(Sprouts, tokens ever of death indeed the same as life,)

To grace the bush I love--to sing with the birds,

A warble for joy of Lilac-time.


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