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assurances Analysis

Author: Poetry of Walt Whitman Type: Poetry Views: 246

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I NEED no assurances--I am a man who is preoccupied, of his own Soul;

I do not doubt that from under the feet, and beside the hands and

face I am cognizant of, are now looking faces I am not

cognizant of--calm and actual faces;

I do not doubt but the majesty and beauty of the world are latent in

any iota of the world;

I do not doubt I am limitless, and that the universes are limitless--

in vain I try to think how limitless;

I do not doubt that the orbs, and the systems of orbs, play their

swift sports through the air on purpose--and that I shall one

day be eligible to do as much as they, and more than they;

I do not doubt that temporary affairs keep on and on, millions of


I do not doubt interiors have their interiors, and exteriors have

their exteriors--and that the eye-sight has another eye-sight,

and the hearing another hearing, and the voice another voice;

I do not doubt that the passionately-wept deaths of young men are

provided for--and that the deaths of young women, and the

deaths of little children, are provided for;

(Did you think Life was so well provided for--and Death, the purport

of all Life, is not well provided for?)

I do not doubt that wrecks at sea, no matter what the horrors of

them--no matter whose wife, child, husband, father, lover, has

gone down, are provided for, to the minutest points;10

I do not doubt that whatever can possibly happen, any where, at any

time, is provided for, in the inherences of things;

I do not think Life provides for all, and for Time and Space--but I

believe Heavenly Death provides for all.


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