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The Owl Analysis

Author: Poetry of Alfred, Lord Tennyson Type: Poetry Views: 372

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When cats run home and light is come,

And dew is cold upon the ground,

And the far-off stream is dumb,

And the whirring sail goes round,

And the whirring sail goes round;

Alone and warming his five wits,

The white owl in the belfry sits.

When merry milkmaids click the latch,

And rarely smells the new-mown hay,

And the cock hath sung beneath the thatch

Twice or thrice his roundelay,

Twice or thrice his roundelay;

Alone and warming his five wits,

The white owl in the belfry sits.


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In my analysis i see that the owl works an obserserver did not do anything but he see all the things happening there so we can say that he works observer.

| Posted on 2017-10-10 | by a guest

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To me, it seems that there is a lot of movement, and also cessation of movement, on the part of animate and inanimate things, in the poem. The owl is a contrast to this, and the way he is described in the poem suggests no movement at all. If u have ever watched an owl, u will know that they will sit motionless for a whole day, waiting for prey to appear. Patience and tenacity comes through, in this poem, with the owl not regarding the hustle and bustle of daily life going on around him. What the poet doesn't say is as significant as what he does say. (Just my opinion).

| Posted on 2017-01-04 | by a guest

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The poem "The Owl" by Alfred Lord Tennyson is one that can be interpreted in many different ways. It consists of two, seven lined stanzas. In the first stanza, Tennyson describes how a cat is coming home. This cat most likely personifies a person coming home after a long night out. Maybe a prostitute who has been out working all night and comes home when "dew is cold upon the ground." This most likely refers to the morning dew that is evident in humid areas. The "whirring sails" are probably referring to the sound of windmills, which were everywhere in Europe due to the industrial revolution taking off at this time. And at the end of this stanza, the "white owl" is just Tennyson observing everything. The second stanza is basically the same concept, except it is about a milk maid working all day and at the end of the day she is still just working and working while the owl, Tennyson, just sits and observes.
Tennyson uses repetition throughout the poem. For example, "And the whirring sail goes round" and "Twice or thrice his roundelay" are repeated to show that the world just keeps moving on while he, the owl, is just an observer to all the world. Another part of the poem that Tennyson uses is "Alone and warming his five wits" which most likely refers to Tennyson being a solitary person observing the world with his "five wits" or five senses.
- Masters Degree in Poetry

| Posted on 2015-10-27 | by a guest

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