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To Rosabelle Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson Type: Poetry Views: 152

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WHEN my young lady has grown great and staid,

And in long raiment wondrously arrayed,

She may take pleasure with a smile to know

How she delighted men-folk long ago.

For her long after, then, this tale I tell

Of the two fans and fairy Rosabelle.

Hot was the day; her weary sire and I

Sat in our chairs companionably nigh,

Each with a headache sat her sire and I.

Instant the hostess waked: she viewed the scene,

Divined the giants' languor by their mien,

And with hospitable care

Tackled at once an Atlantean chair.

Her pigmy stature scarce attained the seat -

She dragged it where she would, and with her feet

Surmounted; thence, a Phaeton launched, she crowned

The vast plateau of the piano, found

And culled a pair of fans; wherewith equipped,

Our mountaineer back to the level slipped;

And being landed, with considerate eyes,

Betwixt her elders dealt her double prize;

The small to me, the greater to her sire.

As painters now advance and now retire

Before the growing canvas, and anon

Once more approach and put the climax on:

So she awhile withdrew, her piece she viewed -

For half a moment half supposed it good -

Spied her mistake, nor sooner spied than ran

To remedy; and with the greater fan,

In gracious better thought, equipped the guest.

From ill to well, from better on to best,

Arts move; the homely, like the plastic kind;

And high ideals fired that infant mind.

Once more she backed, once more a space apart

Considered and reviewed her work of art:

Doubtful at first, and gravely yet awhile;

Till all her features blossomed in a smile.

And the child, waking at the call of bliss,

To each she ran, and took and gave a kiss.


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