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To Mrs. Macmarland Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson Type: Poetry Views: 155

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IN Schnee der Alpen - so it runs

To those divine accords - and here

We dwell in Alpine snows and suns,

A motley crew, for half the year:

A motley crew, we dwell to taste -

A shivering band in hope and fear -

That sun upon the snowy waste,

That Alpine ether cold and clear.

Up from the laboured plains, and up

From low sea-levels, we arise

To drink of that diviner cup

The rarer air, the clearer skies;

For, as the great, old, godly King

From mankind's turbid valley cries,

So all we mountain-lovers sing:

I to the hills will lift mine eyes.

The bells that ring, the peaks that climb,

The frozen snow's unbroken curd

Might yet revindicate in rhyme

The pauseless stream, the absent bird.

In vain - for to the deeps of life

You, lady, you my heart have stirred;

And since you say you love my life,

Be sure I love you for the word.

Of kindness, here I nothing say -

Such loveless kindnesses there are

In that grimacing, common way,

That old, unhonoured social war.

Love but my dog and love my love,

Adore with me a common star -

I value not the rest above

The ashes of a bad cigar.


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