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10 , 47 Analysis

Author: Poetry of Marcus Valerius Martialis Type: Poetry Views: 151

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Most charming Martialis:

These things will give you solace:

Wealth thatís unmerited

Since itís inherited;

Land yielding fair returns,

A fire that always burns;

A lack of legal woes

Or need for formal clothes;

Peace and tranquility,

Well-honed nobility;

Good health, an earnest way

Free of naivete;

Good friends with homes to share,

A tableís hearty fare;

A nightís sobriety

Without anxiety,

A bed not too austere,

Sound sleep to still your fear

And self-awareness

Free of insecurity.

Donít race to deathís release

But face that day with peace.

ó Translated from the Latin of Martial

by A. M. Juster

(Original Latin)

VITAM quae faciunt beatiorem,

Fucundissime Martialis, haec sunt:

Res non parta labore sed relicta;

Non ingrates ager, focus perennis;

Lis numquam, toga rara, mens quieta;

Vires ingenuae, salubre corpus;

Prudens simplicitas, pares amici,

Convictus facilis, sine arte mesa;

Nox non ebria sed soluta curis,

Non tristis torus et tamen pudicus;

Somnus qui faciat breves tenebras:

Quod sis esse veils nihilque malis;

Summum nee metuas diem nec optes.


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