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Elizabeth Analysis

Author: Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe Type: Poetry Views: 886

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Elizabeth, it surely is most fit

[Logic and common usage so commanding]

In thy own book that first thy name be writ,

Zeno and other sages notwithstanding;

And I have other reasons for so doing

Besides my innate love of contradiction;

Each poet - if a poet - in pursuing

The muses thro' their bowers of Truth or Fiction,

Has studied very little of his part,

Read nothing, written less - in short's a fool

Endued with neither soul, nor sense, nor art,

Being ignorant of one important rule,

Employed in even the theses of the school-

Called - I forget the heathenish Greek name

[Called anything, its meaning is the same]

"Always write first things uppermost in the heart."


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Sadly, mental isuess are inheritable, too.What she did sounds pretty stupid to us, but, generally, most of the people here are playing with the same deck of cards. Hell, you might even say that her grasp of actions and consequences sounds pretty crazy... which, if she's crazy, might be accurate. You think "Rob a bank, keep your mouth shut!" but if you're operating literally in a different perception of reality, what makes sense to you and me doesn't necessarily make the same sense to her.Which isn't to try and excuse her behaviour, reality and sanity are mostly based on the consensus of the majority, but it might help at least explain what she did. I mean, hell, it looks like she'd been wearing the same clothes for a minimum of 48 hours, which isn't all that normal either.

| Posted on 2013-11-16 | by a guest

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oh you could feel the humidity rise here, but the storm staelld on the mountains. Here in the city it was windy and messy but the totals of snow were waaaay off from what the weathermen expected. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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"Somewhere, there was a man stupid enuogh to have sex with her."I gather that she's not necessarily stupid, but she's psychotic - that's something I learned about growing up in a neighborhood near one of the huge old-style state hospitals, back when "de-institutionalization" started becoming popular. Even untreated psychosis is often not apparent in the first few hours, or sometimes even the first few weeks that you know someone. And with the treatments available nowadays, don't count on knowing whether your girlfriend's just a little odd or a truly *crazy* chick unless you've gone through her medicine cabinet. So it seems that when she's taking her meds, she does well enuogh that someone thought it was a good idea to turf her out of the institution. But then there's no one making sure she takes the meds, and there are plenty of temptations for skipping a few doses. For a couple of examples, schizophrenics often prefer the crystal clarity of paranoid delusions to medicated fuzzyheadedness, and manic-depressives miss those moments when they're at the peak of their cycle, and everthing feels great even if the whole world is in slow motion.And then there are the interactions between anti-psychotics and pregnancy. That's one of many good reasons to make sure you understand your girlfriend's medical history before chancing pregnancy.

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

.: :.

oh you could feel the humidity rise here, but the storm stlaeld on the mountains. Here in the city it was windy and messy but the totals of snow were waaaay off from what the weathermen expected.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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