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The Shadow Of The Cross Analysis

Author: Poetry of John McCrae Type: Poetry Views: 177

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At the drowsy dusk when the shadows creep

From the golden west, where the sunbeams sleep,

An angel mused:"Is there good or ill

In the mad world's heart, since on Calvary's hill

'Round the cross a mid-day twilight fell

That darkened earth and o'ershadowed hell?"

Through the streets of a city the angel sped;

Like an open scroll men's hearts he read.

In a monarch's ear his courtiers lied

And humble faces hid hearts of pride.

Men's hate waxed hot, and their hearts grew cold,

As they haggled and fought for the lust of gold.

Despairing, he cried, "After all these years

Is there naught but hatred and strife and tears?"

He found two waifs in an attic bare;

-- A single crust was their meagre fare --

One strove to quiet the other's cries,

And the love-light dawned in her famished eyes

As she kissed the child with a motherly air:

"I don't need mine, you can have my share."

Then the angel knew that the earthly cross

And the sorrow and shame were not wholly loss.

At dawn, when hushed was earth's busy hum

And men looked not for their Christ to come,

From the attic poor to the palace grand,

The King and the beggar went hand in hand.


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Gangsta rap, because the old scoohl rappers also have no chance. Maybe if he had a half naked chick rubbing against him in all his videos, he might become famous. And the half naked chick can blurt out random words and editors can edit it to death till it sounds good ya that might work. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-18 | by a guest

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Hi Mark,Great post and all of it oh! so true.I have memories of exatlcy where I was and what I was doing, when events happened which took over certain days of my life; The death of Diana Princess of Wales, The day John Lennon was shot and of course when the news broke here in the UK of 9/11.It always seems strange to me that we choose to recall all the bad things which happened, if we are put on the spot to answer quickly. I might as easily have recalled; The day that Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon, The day when Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer, The day when the whole world came together for the Band Aid concert.Do we all just have an inbuilt cynicism, or an unhealthy love of the morbid?Fiction gives me time to step away from all those thoughts and lose myself in stories and characters which are very real, for the time I am reading about them.Yvonne

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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Great news, Rob. Puppy-raising can be tough, but worth it in the end. Our 12-year old Golden is such a part of the family, it's crazy.So sorry to get back from vicataon to read about Emma. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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My kiddos are still ptrtey young 5, 4 and 2. I do schedule them, but I make a concerted effort not to over schedule. Although with the different personalities of the kiddos, I can see already that my middle one is going to need more activities that her brother and sister she has a physical energy level that is over the moon.At this point in the game, we have some classes that are drop off, like their summer painting class, some classes that are parent participation, like the Dude's ECFE class and some classes that are watchers, like gymnastics and swimming. And while so far I've been able to watch all these classes, this is also the part of parenting I've really been looking forward to the games, the practices, the rehearsals. I love seeing what makes the kids interested in doing more. I don't see myself being the type of mom who makes her son play a sport if he doesn't want to play in HS, but I do see making sure he's introduced to playing on a team and trying out something new. Same goes for the girls. I'm sure there will be times I have to miss a game, but I'm quite certain I would do my best to make sure someone else was there to watch. It would mostly be for my own benefit though damn Catholic guilt.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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I was reading Jokers Updates last night. It looks as if Elissa is the otcuast and Aaryn is all p'd off at David for talking to Elissa to get her side of the story on something. It sounded as if Aaryn is jealous that David even talked to E. I got the feeling that Aaryn is acting like a petulant child and telling david that you can't talk to her if you like me type of thing.There was mention of Elissa making Helen cry but I didn't get more of that story.They all seem to think E is Rachel's sister no matter if she denies it. And they all assume that Elissa is MVP and put up David.That is why David was trying to see what Elissa was thinking etc.That's what I got so far.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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