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The Black Monkey Analysis

Author: Poetry of Katherine Mansfield Type: Poetry Views: 182

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My Babbles has a nasty knack

Of keeping monkeys on her back.

A great big black one comes and swings

Right on her sash or pinny strings.

It is a horrid thing and wild

And makes her such a naughty child.

She comes and stands beside my chair

With almost an offended air

And says:--"Oh, Father, why can't I?"

And stamps her foot and starts to cry--

I look at Mother in dismay...

What little girl is this, to-day?

She throws about her nicest toys

And makes a truly dreadful noise

Till Mother rises from her place

With quite a Sunday churchy face

And Babbles silently is led

Into the dark and her own bed.

Never a kiss or one Goodnight,

Never a glimpse of candle light.

Oh, how the monkey simply flies!

Oh, how poor Babbles calls and cries,

Runs from the room with might and main,

"Father dear, I am good again."

When she is sitting on my knee

Snuggled quite close and kissing me,

Babbles and I, we think the same--

Why, that the monkey never came

Only a terrible dream maybe...

What did she have for evening tea?


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