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To Lucasta From Prison An Epode Analysis

Author: Poetry of Richard Lovelace Type: Poetry Views: 185

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Long in thy shackels, liberty

I ask not from these walls, but thee;

Left for awhile anothers bride,

To fancy all the world beside.


Yet e're I doe begin to love,

See, how I all my objects prove;

Then my free soule to that confine,

'Twere possible I might call mine.


First I would be in love with PEACE,

And her rich swelling breasts increase;

But how, alas! how may that be,

Despising earth, she will love me?


Faine would I be in love with WAR,

As my deare just avenging star;

But War is lov'd so ev'rywhere,

Ev'n he disdaines a lodging here.


Thee and thy wounds I would bemoane,

Faire thorough-shot RELIGION;

But he lives only that kills thee,

And who so bindes thy hands, is free.


I would love a PARLIAMENT

As a maine prop from Heav'n sent;

But ah! who's he, that would be wedded

To th' fairest body that's beheaded?


Next would I court my LIBERTY,

And then my birth-right, PROPERTY;

But can that be, when it is knowne,

There's nothing you can call your owne?


A REFORMATION I would have,

As for our griefes a SOV'RAIGNE salve;

That is, a cleansing of each wheele

Of state, that yet some rust doth feele.


But not a reformation so,

As to reforme were to ore'throw,

Like watches by unskilfull men

Disjoynted, and set ill againe.


The PUBLICK FAITH I would adore,

But she is banke-rupt of her store:

Nor how to trust her can I see,

For she that couzens all, must me.


Since then none of these can be

Fit objects for my love and me;

What then remaines, but th' only spring

Of all our loves and joyes, the King?


He who, being the whole ball

Of day on earth, lends it to all;

When seeking to ecclipse his right,

Blinded we stand in our owne light.


And now an universall mist

Of error is spread or'e each breast,

With such a fury edg'd as is

Not found in th' inwards of th' abysse.


Oh, from thy glorious starry waine

Dispense on me one sacred beame,

To light me where I soone may see

How to serve you, and you trust me!


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