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Pentadii Analysis

Author: Poetry of Richard Lovelace Type: Poetry Views: 244

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Non est, fulleris, haec beata non est

Quod vos creditis esse, vita non est:

Fulgentes manibus videre gemmas

Et testudineo jacere lecto,

Aut pluma latus abdidisse molli,

Aut auro bibere, aut cubare cocco;

Regales dapibus gravare mensas,

Et quicquid Lybico secatur arvo;

Non una positum tenere cella:

Sed nullos trepidum timere casus,

Nec vano populi favore tangi,

Et stricto nihil aestuare ferro:

Hoc quisquis poterit, licebit illi

Fortunam moveat loco superbus.


It is not, y' are deceav'd, it is not blisse

What you conceave a happy living is:

To have your hands with rubies bright to glow,

Then on your tortoise-bed your body throw,

And sink your self in down, to drink in gold,

And have your looser self in purple roll'd;

With royal fare to make the tables groan,

Or else with what from Lybick fields is mown,

Nor in one vault hoard all your magazine,

But at no cowards fate t' have frighted bin;

Nor with the peoples breath to be swol'n great,

Nor at a drawn stiletto basely swear.

He that dares this, nothing to him's unfit,

But proud o' th' top of fortunes wheel may sit.


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