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After a hundred years Analysis

Author: Poetry of Emily Dickinson Type: Poetry Views: 692

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After a hundred years

Nobody knows the place,--

Agony, that enacted there,

Motionless as peace.

Weeds triumphant ranged,

Strangers strolled and spelled

At the lone orthography

Of the elder dead.

Winds of summer fields

Recollect the way,--

Instinct picking up the key

Dropped by memory.


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I liked this poem. I think it shows that eventually evrything is forgotton/disapears at some time. I think that this poem talks about a place where perhaps a battle occured a long time ago. All that is left of the battle is memories. The place is now totally different, and is abandoned/in ruins (ie covered in weeds etc). It shows that evils that may of once occurred at a place are forgotton, and perhaps now strangers walk around the place, with no idea about what happened there.

It also shows, that things may of once been all orderly, and had to be looked after/correct at one time, but then the elders who enforced this die, and the practise is abandoned, ie covered in weeds again.

| Posted on 2005-09-19 | by Approved Guest

.: :.

This was really well written. She captured what everyone would imagine a place would look like after no one had been there for a hundred years. She used good imagery such as "weeds triumphant ranged". The words she used to describe the images were words that ordinary people never would use. When I read this, I felt a bit of longing, like she was talking about a place she once knew, but hadn't seen for years. Like it felt like she hadn't been there for a hundred years. I like how the poem has a bit of mystery in it, because she doesn't say exactly what "place" she was writing about, and the last stanza held a lot of mystery.

| Posted on 2005-07-11 | by juss_kriss

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