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Blossing Of The Solitary Date-Tree, The Analysis

Author: Poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge Type: Poetry Views: 329

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Beneath the blaze of a tropical sun the mountain peaks are the Thrones of

Frost, through the absence of objects to reflect the rays. `What no one

with us shares, seems scarce our own.' The presence of a ONE,

The best belov'd, who loveth me the best,

is for the heart, what the supporting air from within is for the hollow

globe with its suspended car. Deprive it of this, and all without, that

would have buoyed it aloft even to the seat of the gods, becomes a burthen

and crushes it into flatness.


The finer the sense for the beautiful and the lovely, and the fairer and

lovelier the object presented to the sense ; the more exquisite the

individual's capacity of joy, and the more ample his means and

opportunities of enjoyment, the more heavily will he feel the ache of

solitariness, the more unsubstantial becomes the feast spread around him.

What matters it, whether in fact the viands and the ministering graces are

shadowy or real, to him who has not hand to grasp nor arms to embrace them



Hope, Imagination, honourable Aims,

Free Commune with the choir that cannot die,

Science and Song, delight in little things,

The buoyant child surviving in the man ;

Fields, forests, ancient mountains, ocean, sky,

With all their voices--O dare I accuse

My earthly lot as guilty of my spleen,

Or call my destiny niggard ! O no ! no !

It is her largeness, and her overflow,

Which being incomplete, disquieteth me so !


For never touch of gladness stirs my heart,

But tim'rously beginning to rejoice

Like a blind Arab, that from sleep doth start

In lonesome tent, I listen for thy voice.

Belovéd ! 'tis not thine ; thou art not there !

Then melts the bubble into idle air,

And wishing without hope I restlessly despair.


The mother with anticipated glee

Smiles o'er the child, that, standing by her chair

And flatt'ning its round cheek upon her knee,

Looks up, and doth its rosy lips prepare

To mock the coming sounds. At that sweet sight

She hears her own voice with a new delight ;

And if the babe perchance should lisp the notes aright,


Then is she tenfold gladder than before !

But should disease or chance the darling take,

What then avail those songs, which sweet of yore

Were only sweet for their sweet echo's sake ?

Dear maid ! no prattler at a mother's knee

Was e'er so dearly prized as I prize thee :

Why was I made for Love and Love denied to me ?


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