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Little Boy Lost, The Analysis

Author: Poetry of William Blake Type: Poetry Views: 1705

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"Father, father, where are you going?

Oh do not walk so fast!

Speak, father, speak to you little boy,

Or else I shall be lost."

The night was dark, no father was there,

The child was wet with dew;

The mire was deep, and the child did weep,

And away the vapour flew.


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.: :.

The boy could represent the soul searching for God, however he has lost his way. The reason he has lost his way is that he has been focusing too much on his earthly father who he calls for at the start of the poem. This father walking away shows how organised religion cannot lead us to God and we may lose our way.

| Posted on 2015-05-31 | by a guest

.: :.

\"Father\" is a play on \"Father\" in religous terms. Sense of irony. Idea that God can provide equal if not more protection.

| Posted on 2013-03-06 | by a guest

.: analysis :.

the little boy lost is about the father's abandonment. the child attempts to stp his father's disappearance or death by calling out to him in urgency, but the second stanza we learn that he could not. The first person narration found in the first stanza changes to third person in the second stanza, as the child is weeping. The simplistic language used and the first person narration at the start give a deeper understanding, immediacy and credibility to the emotions the child feels at the prospect of losing his father.

| Posted on 2008-05-10 | by a guest

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