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Andrew Jones Analysis

Author: Poetry of William Wordsworth Type: Poetry Views: 485

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I hate that Andrew Jones; he'll breed

His children up to waste and pillage.

I wish the press-gang or the drum

With its tantara sound would come,

And sweep him from the village!

I said not this, because he loves

Through the long day to swear and tipple;

But for the poor dear sake of one

To whom a foul deed he had done,

A friendless man, a travelling cripple!

For this poor crawling helpless wretch,

Some horseman who was passing by,

A penny on the ground had thrown;

But the poor cripple was alone

And could not stoop--no help was nigh.

Inch-thick the dust lay on the ground

For it had long been droughty weather;

So with his staff the cripple wrought

Among the dust till he had brought

The half-pennies together.

It chanced that Andrew passed that way

Just at the time; and there he found

The cripple in the mid-day heat

Standing alone, and at his feet

He saw the penny on the ground.

He stopped and took the penny up:

And when the cripple nearer drew,

Quoth Andrew, "Under half-a-crown,

What a man finds is all his own,

And so, my Friend, good-day to you."

And 'hence' I said, that Andrew's boys

Will all be trained to waste and pillage;

And wished the press-gang, or the drum

With its tantara sound, would come

And sweep him from the village.


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