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Trouble in De Kitchen Analysis

Author: Poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar Type: Poetry Views: 212

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Dey was oncet a awful quoil 'twixt de skillet an' de pot;

De pot was des a-bilin' an' de skillet sho' was hot.

Dey slurred each othah's colah an' dey called each othah names,

W'ile de coal-oil can des gu-gled, po'in oil erpon de flames.

De pot, hit called de skillet des a flat, disfiggered t'ing,

An' de skillet 'plied dat all de pot could do was set an' sing,

An' he 'lowed dat dey was 'lusions dat he wouldn't stoop to mek

'Case he reckernize his juty, an' he had too much at steak.

Well, at dis de pot biled ovah, case his tempah gittin' highah,

An' de skillet got to sputterin', den de fat was in de fiah.

Mistah fiah lay daih smokin' an' a-t'inkin' to hisse'f,

W'ile de peppah-box us nudgin' of de gingah on de she'f.

Den dey all des lef' hit to 'im, 'bout de trouble an' de talk;

An' howevah he decided, w'y dey bofe 'u'd walk de chalk;

But de fiah uz so 'sgusted how dey quoil an' dey shout

Dat he cooled 'em off, I reckon, w'en he puffed an' des went out.


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