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My Name Is Judith Analysis

Author: Poetry of Judy Grahn Type: Poetry Views: 286

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Work of a Common Woman1977My name is Judith, meaning

She Who Is Praised

I do not want to be called praised

I want to be called The Power of Love.if Love means protect then whenever I do not

defend you

I cannot call my name Love.

if Love means rebirth then when I see us

dead on our feet

I cannot call my name Love.

if Love means provide & I cannot

provide for you

why would you call my name Love?do not mistake my breasts

for mounds of potatoes

or my belly for a great roast duck.

do not take my lips for a streak of luck

nor my neck for an appletree,

do not believe my eyes are a warm swarm of bees;

do not get Love mixed up with me.Don't misunderstand my hands

for a church with a steeple,

open the fingers & out come the people;

nor take my feet to be acres of solid brown earth,

or anything else of infinite worth

to you, my brawny turtledove;

do not get me mixed up with Love.not until we have ground we call our own

to stand on

& weapons of our own in hand

& some kind of friends around us

will anyone ever call our name Love,

& then when we do we will all call ourselves

grand, muscley names:

the Protection of Love,

the Provision of Love & the

Power of Love.

until then, my sweethearts,

let us speak simply of

romance, which is so much

easier and so much less

than any of us deserve.


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