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Pheasant Analysis

Author: Poetry of Sylvia Plath Type: Poetry Views: 595

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You said you would kill it this morning.

Do not kill it. It startles me still,

The jut of that odd, dark head, pacingThrough the uncut grass on the elm's hill.

It is something to own a pheasant,

Or just to be visited at all.I am not mystical: it isn't

As if I thought it had a spirit.

It is simply in its element.That gives it a kingliness, a right.

The print of its big foot last winter,

The trail-track, on the snow in our courtThe wonder of it, in that pallor,

Through crosshatch of sparrow and starling.

Is it its rareness, then? It is rare.But a dozen would be worth having,

A hundred, on that hill-green and red,

Crossing and recrossing: a fine thing!It is such a good shape, so vivid.

It's a little cornucopia.

It unclaps, brown as a leaf, and loud,Settles in the elm, and is easy.

It was sunning in the narcissi.

I trespass stupidly. Let be, let be.


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the pheasant represents the desire plath has to keep their relationship alive #lifegoeson #donotkillthepheasant #yolo

| Posted on 2016-08-24 | by a guest

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Pheasant tells us about the relationship between Plath and her husband (Ted Hughes). Basically the \'relationship\' is the pheasant. Plath pleads her husband to no shoot the phesant,I believe this is about their relationship. It is urgent I must eat a cookie so gimme one kthxbi.

| Posted on 2012-01-17 | by a guest

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.: the pheasant :.

there is an urgency here from the start . The speaker is adressing somenone directly. The mesage is urgent,the sentance structure is urgent.the poem refers to an ealiermoment in the opening line and leads to imeediately to the present moment. and for the remainder of the poem the poet gives many reasons why the pheasant should be spared

| Posted on 2007-01-14 | by a guest

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