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Ode To The Lemon Analysis

Author: Poetry of Pablo Neruda Type: Poetry Views: 385

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>From blossoms


by the moonlight,

from an

aroma of exasperated


steeped in fragrance,


drifted from the lemon tree,

and from its plantarium

lemons descended to the earth.Tender yield!

The coasts,

the markets glowed

with light, with

unrefined gold;

we opened

two halves

of a miracle,

congealed acid


from the hemispheres

of a star,

the most intense liqueur

of nature,

unique, vivid,


born of the cool, fresh


of its fragrant house,

its acid, secret symmetry.Knives

sliced a small


in the lemon,

the concealed apse, opened,

revealed acid stained glass,


oozed topaz,


cool architecture.So, when you hold

the hemisphere

of a cut lemon

above your plate,

you spill

a universe of gold,


yellow goblet

of miracles,

a fragrant nipple

of the earth's breast,

a ray of light that was made fruit,

the minute fire of a planet.


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Pablo Neruda is an outspoken atheist, this had nothing to do with God\'s love

| Posted on 2012-05-10 | by a guest

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I think there are many points the poet is trying to bring about in this poem. He uses the lemon as a metaphor for gods infinite love. The lemon is used as a metaphor for the earth(breast) and the tree(nipple) which springs out from it. A lemon has a yellow spherical centre with a 'nipple' pointing out. This is not sexual. It is the love from mother earth. The lemon is used as juice for humans. This is the 'goblet of miracles' he talks about- the wonder of creation and the color yellow which suddenly bursts out from a flower into a fruit to finally fall onto the ground. He is referring to all fruits actually. But the poet(I think) seems to have a strange fascination for the lemon in particular because of its 'perfect symmetry'. How true! The knife(man) cuts open the lemon(love- could also be love of/from god) to make juices(selfish pursuits). Open to all sorts of interpretation.
I sense that there is a spiritual element in the poet. He also beautifully refers to the Cathedral. Since Cathedrals have yellow color windows, this could also mean that it is the lemon(again, love) which supplies life to the inhabitants of the earth and its Cathedral of God.
A 'bazaar' is also referred here which could suggest that the poet is trying to bring in man's eternal selfish pursuit. The lemon is sold.
And I agree with Simon, the poet is also observing the lemon in great detail. That's the beauty.

| Posted on 2009-10-14 | by a guest

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I have always felt, in his scrutiny of interiors, Neruda is exploring the interior in everything and everyone. He seems to be delving for further meanings, further riches, further explanations. The fact he percieves concealed acids, in the same time and place as yellow goblet miracles, is highly illustrative: Neruda discovers negative and positive, often his questions produce more questions. Cathedrals, houses and architecture suggest physical design and purpose, and the very attention to materialist detail for which the poet is acclaimed. The prominance of heavenly images, moonlight and the planetarium convey a sense of higher purpose: providence and Godliness.And also, of course, he is looking at a lemon in great detail and with glorious linguistic effect.

Simon Zonenblick

| Posted on 2006-02-16 | by Approved Guest

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