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Sweet Skepticism of the Heart- Analysis

Author: Poetry of Emily Dickinson Type: Poetry Views: 645

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Sweet Skepticism of the Heart-

That knows-and does not know-

And tosses like a Fleet of Balm-

Affronted by the snow-

Invites and then retards the Truth

Lest Certainty be sere

Compared with the delicious throe

Of transport thrilled with Fear-


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.: :.

Emilys asking, do we dare to love and give ourselves over to love? The answer is obvious, we should, love is Truth, after all. We can afford to trust what we see with our eyes, feel with our hearts and "know" to be a certainty. Even so, its still scary! and its delicious to enjoy the time before we dare to give ourselves over to love "delicious throe of transport thrilled with fear" for we are on the most exciting voyage of all! Who knows where it will take us or what will become of us :) Lets soak up each delicious moment that we can.

| Posted on 2006-07-10 | by memi mamo

.: Emily's tuberculosis :.

Emily's skepticism was heightened by the fact that she suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis at a time when doctors cupped and blistered and bled (often, with leeches)their patients, and routinely prescribed opium
- "God's own Medicine" - to soothe coughs and bring on sleep. And then, when all this failed, each TB death was proclaimed a "victory for God." Emily was scientific-minded. Who can blame her for her skepticism? George Mamunes

| Posted on 2006-06-17 | by Approved Guest

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