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In Winter in my Room Analysis

Author: Poetry of Emily Dickinson Type: Poetry Views: 878

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The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson????1670In Winter in my Room

I came upon a Worm-

Pink, lank and warm-

But as he was a worm

And worms presume

Not quite with him at home-

Secured him by a string

To something neighboring

And went along.A Trifle afterward

A thing occurred

I'd not believe it if I heard

But state with creeping blood-

A snake with mottles rare

Surveyed my chamber floor

In feature as the worm before

But ringed with power-The very string with which

I tied him-too

When he was mean and new

That string was there-I shrank-"How fair you are"!

Propitiation's claw-

"Afraid," he hissed

"Of me"?

"No cordiality"-

He fathomed me-

Then to a Rhythm Slim

Secreted in his Form

As Patterns swim

Projected him.That time I flew

Both eyes his way

Lest he pursue

Nor ever ceased to run

Till in a distant Town

Towns on from mine

I set me down

This was a dream.


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.: yayyy :.

this is a good poem it is the best i cant read though. but my mom read it to me and i decided it is good because i am in 4th grade and i know a lot more than other people such as those in the 3rd grade who dont know jack diddly about the great poets of the earth such as emily dickinson, shakespeare, and elton john. Thats right, elton john. He's pretty awesome, but not as good as shakespeare. i am so happy about this poem it makes my worm turn into a snake and since im only 9 thats a pretty good thing huh yeath i thought so too.

| Posted on 2004-11-04 | by Approved Guest

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