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I did not reach Thee Analysis

Author: Poetry of Emily Dickinson Type: Poetry Views: 244

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The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson????1664I did not reach Thee

But my feet slip nearer every day

Three Rivers and a Hill to cross

One Desert and a Sea

I shall not count the journey one

When I am telling thee.Two deserts, but the Year is cold

So that will help the sand

One desert crossed-

The second one

Will feel as cool as land

Sahara is too little price

To pay for thy Right hand.The Sea comes last-Step merry, feet,

So short we have to go-

To play together we are prone,

But we must labor now,

The last shall be the lightest load

That we have had to draw.The Sun goes crooked-

That is Night

Before he makes the bend.

We must have passed the Middle Sea-

Almost we wish the End

Were further off-

Too great it seems

So near the Whole to stand.We step like Plush,

We stand like snow,

The waters murmur new.

Three rivers and the Hill are passed-

Two deserts and the sea!

Now Death usurps my Premium

And gets the look at Thee.


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