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The Fury Of Flowers And Worms Analysis

Author: Poetry of Anne Sexton Type: Poetry Views: 184

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The Death Notebooks1974Let the flowers make a journeyon Monday so that I can seeten daisies in a blue vasewith perhaps one red antcrawling to the gold center.A bit of the field on my table,close to the wormswho struggle blinding,moving deep into their slime,moving deep into God's abdomen,moving like oil through water,sliding through the good brown.The daisies grow wildlike popcorn.They are God's promise to the field.How happy I am, daisies, to love you.How happy you are to be lovedand found magical, like a secretfrom the sluggish field.If all the world picked daisieswars would end, the common cold would stop,unemployment would end, the monetary marketwould hold steady and no money would float.Listen world.if you'd just take the time to pickthe white flowers, the penny heart,all would be well.They are so unexpected.They are as good as salt.If someone had brought themto van Gogh's room dailyhis ear would have stayed on.I would like to think that no one would die anymoreif we all believed in daisiesbut the worms know better, don't they?They slide into the ear of a corpseand listen to his great sigh.


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