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Tell Analysis

Author: Poetry of Paul Muldoon Type: Poetry Views: 147

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He opens the scullery door, and a sudden rush

of wind, as raw as raw,

brushes past him as he himself will brush

past the stacks of strawthat stood in earlier for Crow

or Comanche tepees hung with scalps

but tonight past muster, row upon row,

for the foothills of the Alps.He opens the door of the peeling-shed

just as one of the apple-peelers

(one of almost a score

of red-cheeked men who pareand core

the red-cheeked apples for a few spare

shillings) mutters something about "bloodshed"

and the "peelers."The red-cheeked men put down their knives

at one and the same

moment. All but his father, who somehow connives

to close one eye as if taking aimor holding back a tear,

and shoots him a glance

he might take, as it whizzes past his ear,

for a Crow, or a Comanche, lancehurled through the Tilley-lit

gloom of the peeling-shed,

when he hears what must be an apple split

above his head.


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