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The Token Analysis

Author: Poetry of John Donne Type: Poetry Views: 800

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The Penguin Book of the Sonnet, Phillis Levin, ed., Penguin Books, 2001, p. 63Send me some token, that my hope may live,Or that my easeless thoughts may sleep and rest;

Send me some honey to make sweet my hive,That in my passions I may hope the best.

I beg no riband wrought with thine own hands,To knit our loves in the fantastic strain

Of new-touched youth; nor ring to show the standsOf our affection, that as that's round and plain,

So should our loves meet in simplicity;No, nor the corals which thy wrist enfold,

Laced up together in congruity,To show our thoughts should rest in the same hold;

No, nor thy picture, though most gracious,And most desired, because best like the best;

Nor witty lines, which are most copious,Within the writings which thou hast addressed.Send me nor this, nor that, to increase my store,

But swear thou think'st 'I love thee,' and no more.


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The Token by John Donne
Donne starts his poem by asking his lover for a token, a message, a symbol of any kind to reaffirm their love. He hopes that upon receiving this sign, his endless circle of thoughts might stop bothering him and he would be able to sleep. He is insecure about the truth of his love and hence is demanding and begging, simultaneously for a \"token\".
He is hoping for something sweet that would make his dreams stay alive. He is lusting for his lover.
He says that he is not asking for a handmade rope that would tie their youthful love together. He is not expecting a ring to symbolize their love, not even a simple one despite the fact that it replicates the simplicity of their love itself.
He is not even asking her to send him a pearl bracelet that she has worn, not even in the assumption that it would connect the two of them tangibly.
He does not even hope for a picture of her, even though he would find that extremely favorable, as she is the best. He does not request her to put in a few witty lines about their love in her letters to him.
He does not ask for any of this and does not hope for it either.
All he asks of her it to swear to understand and recognize that he loves her. And that\'s all. He does not ask for a greater token.

| Posted on 2012-12-29 | by a guest

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donne seems to portray his lover very nicely and we love him very very much and so the canonization is a soliloquy of length and verse. so little is known about this idiot donne that it is impossible to analyze the extent of his stupidity. a bit longer just a bit well what if i dont want to analyze this poem? the whole reason im here is to read some other persons analysis because poetry is just not my thing. if i could analyze a poem like this i wouldnt need to be here now would i? i thin k not. i also think that this site is false advertising. when it comes up on google it says it has summaries, explanations, and so on. but where are they? i dont know.

| Posted on 2005-03-01 | by Approved Guest

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