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Shema Analysis

Author: Poetry of Primo Levi Type: Poetry Views: 568

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Collected Poems1946You who live secure

In your warm houses

Who return at evening to find

Hot food and friendly faces:Consider whether this is a man,Who labours in the mudWho knows no peaceWho fights for a crust of breadWho dies at a yes or a no.Consider whether this is a woman,Without hair or nameWith no more strength to rememberEyes empty and womb coldAs a frog in winter.Consider that this has been:

I commend these words to you.

Engrave them on your hearts

When you are in your house, when you walk on your way,

When you go to bed, when you rise.

Repeat them to your children.

Or may your house crumble,

Disease render you powerless,

Your offspring avert their faces from you.


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.: :.

I feel that this poem makes everyone feel very guilty about not helping in the holocaust

| Posted on 2018-02-23 | by a guest

.: :.

I feel that the author has written this to suggest that you should share what you have.

| Posted on 2018-02-23 | by a guest

.: :.

Primo Levi was a survivor of the Holocaust. When he states that a man dies at a yes or no, he is being literal.
This poem is simply a cry for remembrance.

| Posted on 2012-02-21 | by a guest

.: Shema :.

I feel this author is a blue collar worker struggling to put food in the mouths of his family after the devistation of the war. They used to have something, which makes it even a more bitter pill. He toils at some gruesome job while he watches his wife ( or dream)slowly die. Or maybe he's just saying if you have money you better share it with the needy or perhaps just the mere act of being empathetic is the message. He has no time for people who are greedy and spoiled; may their homes crumble!

| Posted on 2005-02-14 | by tunelover

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