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Divination By A Daffodil Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Herrick Type: Poetry Views: 829

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When a daffodil I see,

Hanging down his head towards me,

Guess I may what I must be:

First, I shall decline my head;

Secondly, I shall be dead;

Lastly, safely buried.


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one of the guest has written that 'to daffodils is not a real poem and have not wrote the real information,but there are two poems on daffodils.the guest might be mitaken,because 'to daffodils'is written by robert herrick while another poem is named as'the daffodils' which is written by william wordsworth.may be the guest has read the daffodils or any other by some other poets.
i have just tried to remove the

| Posted on 2010-03-16 | by a guest

.: :.

I am aware that this will not be posted but for the gratitude of others please take this analysis off of the website some of the quotes mentioned i.e. "i shall" are not present in the poem... (the real poem) this is not "to Daffodils" this is absured and quite ridiculous. if you would like me to re write it for you email excuse the email address but it is of a personal preference ad at least i know poetry to be honest. Just ask and i will emaik you the correct version or re post it on here in a message take care.

| Posted on 2008-06-12 | by a guest

.: Death and Security :.

In Divination by a Daffodil the speaker compared himself to a daffodil that he observes. More importantly he uses the flower as a symbol for death. Because he uses a flower to describe a process as complex as death, death becomes simplified to a point that it can be easily thought about. This is helped in turn by the use of iambic trimeter in the majority of the poem. The use of short lines means short ideas, and thus simple ones. This idea that death is simple is particularly evident in the second half of the poem (line 4-6) where death is laid out as a procedure, utilizing words such as “First,” “Secondly,” and “Lastly” at the beginning of each line. The fact that each is then followed by a very definite action only aids this mindset. The reason that each action is so definite is the use of “I shall,” which brooks no argument. However, the last line in this half is different from the rest. Other than inverses of wording in the first half, there had been no manipulation of lines until this point. The manipulation is in the accented “e” in the word buried, which allows the meter to remain nearly uniform throughout the poem, seven syllables per line. What is also different is the lack of “I shall” which was present in the preceding two lines. While it is implied who the subject is, this helps show how precisely Herrick chose his wording. This diction is a major factor in the tone of the poem, which is one that implies death is not a bad thing, but perhaps a release. In the second line it says “Hanging down its head towards me,” which begs the question, why is the daffodil’s head slumping? Is it that it is old and wilting? or is it that there are many concerns on it (the speaker’s) mind? This idea that life has burdens and also dangers to it would validate the last line “Lastly, safely buriéd.” Using “safely” in that line implies that with death comes security and a release from the worries of life. If this is the case, then it is no wonder that the speaker would handle death in such a simplistic and straight forward manner, it is to him a means to and end. The end of trouble. The end of worry. The end of struggle. In short, relief. -Derek Zacarias, 12th Grade AP Student

| Posted on 2005-10-02 | by Approved Guest

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