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Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting... Analysis

Author: Poetry of Naomi Shihab Nye Type: Poetry Views: 248

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A small striped sleeve in her lap,

navy and white,

needles carefully whipping in yarnfrom two sides.

She reminds me of the wide-angled women

filled with calm

I pretended I was related to

in crowds.In the next seat

a yellow burst of wool

grows into a hat with a tassel.

She looks young to crochet.

I'm glad history isn't totally lost.

Her silver hook dips gracefuly.And when's the last time you saw

anyone sew a pocket onto a gray linen shirt

in public?

Her stitches must be invisible.

A bevelled thimble glitters in the light.On Mother's Day

three women who aren't together

conduct delicate operations

in adjoining seats

between La Guardia and Dallas.

Miraculously, they never speak.

Three different kinds of needles,

three snippy scissors,

everybody else on the plane

snoozing with The Times.

When the flight attendant

offers free wine to celebrate,

you'd think they'd sit back,chat a minute,

tell who they're making it for,

trade patterns,

yes?But a grave separateness

has invaded the world.

They sip with eyes shut

and never say



Look at us

orMay your thread

never break.


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