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Psalm 81 Analysis

Author: Poetry of John Milton Type: Poetry Views: 214

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The Poetical Works of John Milton1648To God our strength sing loud, and clear,

Sing loud to God our King,

To Jacobs God, that all may hear

Loud acclamations ring.

Prepare a Hymn, prepare a Song

The Timbrel hither bring

The cheerfull Psaltry bring along

And Harp with pleasant string.

Blow, as is wont, in the new Moon

With Trumpets lofty sound,Th'appointed time, the day wheron

Our solemn Feast comes round.

This was a Statute giv'n of old

For Israel to observe

A Law of Jacobs God, to hold

From whence they might not swerve.

This he a Testimony ordain'd

In Joseph, not to change,

When as he pass'd through Aegypt land;

The Tongue I heard, was strange.From burden, and from slavish toyle

I set his shoulder free;

His hands from pots, and mirie soyle

Deliver'd were by me.

When trouble did thee sore assaile,

On me then didst thou call,

And I to free thee did not faile,

And led thee out of thrall.

I answer'd thee in *thunder deep*Be Sether ragnam.

With clouds encompass'd round;I tri'd thee at the water steep

Of Meriba renown'd.

Hear O my people, heark'n well,

I testifie to thee

Thou antient flock of Israel,

If thou wilt list to mee,

Through out the land of thy abode

No alien God shall be

Nor shalt thou to a forein God

In honour bend thy knee.I am the Lord thy God which brought

Thee out of Aegypt land

Ask large enough, and I, besought,

Will grant thy full demand.

And yet my people would not hear,

Nor hearken to my voice;

And Israel whom I lov'd so dear

Mislik'd me for his choice.

Then did I leave them to their will

And to their wandring mind;Their own conceits they follow'd still

Their own devises blind

O that my people would be wise

To serve me all their daies,

And O that Israel would advise

To walk my righteous waies.

Then would I soon bring down their foes

That now so proudly rise,

And turn my hand against all those

That are their enemies.Who hate the Lord should then be fain

To bow to him and bend,

But they, His should remain,

Their time should have no end.

And he would free them from the shock

With flower of finest wheat,

And satisfie them from the rock

With Honey for their Meat.


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