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One Sister have I in our house Analysis

Author: Poetry of Emily Dickinson Type: Poetry Views: 419

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One Sister have I in our house,

And one, a hedge away.

There's only one recorded,

But both belong to me.One came the road that I came-

And wore my last year's gown-

The other, as a bird her nest,

Builded our hearts among.She did not sing as we did-

It was a different tune-

Herself to her a music

As Bumble bee of June.Today is far from Childhood-

But up and down the hills

I held her hand the tighter-

Which shortened all the miles-And still her hum

The years among,

Deceives the Butterfly;

Still in her Eye

The Violets lie

Mouldered this many May.I spilt the dew-

But took the morn-

I chose this single star

From out the wide night's numbers-

Sue - forevermore!


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Have you ever felt that someone was so close to you that you thought of him or her as your brother or sister? Does that someone that understand everything about you, what your thinking, and how you feel? Emily Dickinson wrote a free verse poem, called “One Sister have I in our House”, that discusses how close she and her friend are. So close even, that she would call her her sister. Dickinson writes about two women, one who is her sister, and one who lives next door, a hedge away. The poet and the woman who lives a house away are completely different, seeing how they

| Posted on 2005-01-12 | by Approved Guest

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