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How Robin and His Outlaws Lived in The Woods Analysis

Author: Poetry of Leigh Hunt Type: Poetry Views: 162

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Robin and his merry men

: Lived just like the birds;

They had almost as many tracks as thoughts,

: And whistles and songs as words.

Up they were with the earliest sign

Of the sun's up-looking eye;

But not an archer breakfasted

Till he twinkled from the sky.

All the morning they were wont

To fly their grey-goose quills

At butts, or wands, or trees, or twigs,

Till theirs was the skill of skills.

With swords too they played lustily,

And at quarter-staff;

Many a hit would have made some cry,

Which only made them laugh.

The horn was then their dinner-bell;

When like princes of the wood,

Under the glimmering summer trees,

Pure venison was their food.

Pure venison and a little wine,

Except when the skies were rough;

Or when they had a feasting day;

For their blood was wine enough.

And story then, and joke, and song,

And Harry's harp went round;

And sometimes they'd get up and dance,

For pleasure of the sound.

Tingle, tangle! said the harp,

As they footed in and out:

Good lord! it was a sight to see

Their feathers float about;--

A pleasant sight, especially

: If Margery was there,

Or little Ciss, or laughing Bess,

: Or Moll with the clumps of hair;

Or any other merry lass

: From the neighbouring villages,

Who came with milk and eggs, or fruit,

: A singing through the trees.

For all the country round about

: Was fond of Robin Hood,

With whom they got a share of more

: Than the acorns in the wood;

Nor ever would he suffer harm

: To woman, above all;

No plunder, were she ne'er so great,

: No fright to great or small;

No,ónot a single kiss unliked,

: Nor one look-saddening clip;

Accurst be he, said Robin Hood,

: Makes pale a woman's lip.

Only on the haughty rich,

: And on their unjust store,

He'd lay his fines of equity

: For his merry men and the poor.

And special was his joy, no doubt

: (Which made the dish to curse)

To light upon a good fat friar,

: And carve him of his purse.

A monk to him was a toad in the hole,

: And an abbot a pig in grain,

But a bishop was a baron of beef,

: With cut and come again.

Never poor man came for help,

And wnet away denied;

Never woman for redress,

And went away wet-eyed.

Says Robin to the poor who came

: To ask of him relief,

You do but get your goods again,

: That were altered by the thief;

There, ploughman, is a sheaf of your's

: Turned to yellow gold;

And, miller, there's your last year's rent,

: 'Twill wrap thee from the cold:

And you there, Wat of Lancashire,

: Who such a way have come,

Get upon your land-tax, man,

: And ride it merrily home.


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