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Proud Masie Analysis

Author: Poetry of Sir Walter Scott Type: Poetry Views: 326

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Proud Maisie is in the wood,

Walking so early;

Sweet Robin sits on the bush,

Singing so rarely.

'Tell me, thou bonny bird,

When shall I marry me?'

'When six braw gentlemen

Kirkward shall carry ye.'

'Who makes the bridal bed,

Birdie, say truly?'

'The grey-headed sexton

That delves the grave duly.

'The glow-worm o'er grave and stone

Shall light thee steady;

The owl from the steeple sing

Welcome, proud lady!'


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this poem is about maisie who is a beutiful girl nd she is proud of her beuty 1dy she walks into a forest nd she saw a robin singing a song in itz melodious voice she asked to that robin that whn that dy vil cum whn i vill b apriciated by every1 may b it vill b the dy of my marriage whn 6strong nd brave gentlmen vil cum 2 take me 2 the church where i could b married wd a hansome guy nd vil b apriciated nd admire by all that vill b the beutiful dy of my life.
nd who make my bridal bed 2this the robin answrz that the grave digger vil make ur bed nd u vil b welcumed by the steeple song sung by owl
itz theme is tht death is ultimate nd everybody has 2 suffer it nobody can escape 4rm it nd all these thingz x is going 2 end like ashes these all things r downfall of life whn death aproches .

| Posted on 2011-11-28 | by a guest

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