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V Analysis

Author: Poetry of Tony Harrison Type: Poetry Views: 2353

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'My father still reads the dictionary every day.He says your life depends on your power to master words.'Arthur ScargillSunday Times, 10 January 1982Next millennium you'll have to search quite hard

to find my slab behind the family dead,butcher, publican, and baker, now me, bard

adding poetry to their beef, beer and bread.With Byron three graves on I'll not go short

of company, and Wordsworth's opposite.

That's two peers already, of a sort,

and we'll all be thrown together if the pit,whose galleries once ran beneath this plot,

causes the distinguished dead to dropinto the rabblement of bone and rot,

shored slack, crushed shale, smashed prop.Wordsworth built church organs, Byron tanned

luggage cowhide in the age of steam,

and knew their place of rest before the land

caves in on the lowest worked-out seam.This graveyard on the brink of Beeston Hill's

the place I may well rest if there's a spot

under the rose roots and the daffodils

by which dad dignified the family plot.If buried ashes saw then I'd survey

the places I learned Latin, and learned Greek,

and left, the ground where Leeds United play

but disappoint their fans week after week,which makes them lose their sense of self-esteem

and taking a short cut home through these graves here

they reassert the glory of their team

by spraying words on tombstones, pissed on beer.This graveyard stands above a worked-out pit.

Subsidence makes the obelisks all list.

One leaning left's marked FUCK, one right's marked SHIT

sprayed by some peeved supporter who was pissed.Far-sighted for his family's future dead,

but for his wife, this banker's still alone

on his long obelisk, and doomed to head

a blackened dynasty of unclaimed stone,now graffitied with a crude four-letter word.

His children and grandchildren went away

and never came back home to be interred,

so left a lot of space for skins to spray.The language of this graveyard ranges from

a bit of Latin for a former Mayor

or those who laid their lives down at the Somme,

the hymnal fragments and the gilded prayer,how people 'fell asleep in the Good Lord',

brief chisellable bits from the good book

and rhymes whatever length they could afford,

to CUNT, PISS, SHIT and (mostly) FUCK!Or, more expansively, there's LEEDS v.

the opponent of last week, this week, or next,

and a repertoire of blunt four-letter curses

on the team or race that makes the sprayer vexed.Then, pushed for time, or fleeing some observer,

dodging between tall family vaults and trees

like his team's best ever winger, dribbler, swerver,

fills every space he finds with versus Vs.Vs sprayed on the run at such a lick,

the sprayer master of his flourished tool,

get short-armed on the left like that red tick

they never marked his work with much at school.Half this skinhead's age but with approval

I helped whitewash a V on a brick wall.

No one clamoured in the press for its removal

or thought the sign, in wartime, rude at all.These Vs are all the versuses of life

From LEEDS v. DERBY, Black/White

and (as I've known to my cost) man v. wife,

Communist v. Fascist, Left v. Right,Class v. class as bitter as before,

the unending violence of US and THEM,

personified in 1984

by Coal Board MacGregor and the NUM,Hindu/Sikh, soul/body, heart v. mind,

East/West, male/female, and the ground

these fixtures are fought on's Man, resigned

to hope from his future what his past never found.The prospects for the present aren't too grand

when a swastika with NF (National Front)'s

sprayed on a grave, to which another hand

has added, in a reddish colour, CUNTS.Which is, I grant, the word that springs to mind,when going to clear the weeds and rubbish thrown

on the family plot by football fans, I find

UNITED graffitied on my parents' stone.How many British graveyards now this May

are strewn with rubbish and choked up with weeds

since families and friends have gone away

for work or fuller lives, like me from Leeds?When I first came here 40 years ago

with my dad to 'see my grandma' I was 7.

I helped dad with the flowers.He let me know

she'd gone to join my grandad up in Heaven.My dad who came each week to bring fresh flowers

came home with clay stains on his trouser knees.

Since my parents' deaths I've spent 2 hours

made up of odd 10 minutes such as these.Flying visits once or twice a year,

And though I'm horrified just who's to blame

that I find instead of flowers cans of beer

and more than one grave sprayed with some skin's name?Where there were flower urns and troughs of water

And mesh receptacles for withered flowers

are the HARP tins of some skinhead Leeds supporter.

It isn't all his fault though.Much is ours.5 kids, with one in goal, play 2-a-side.

When the ball bangs on the hawthorn that's one post

and petals fall they hum


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.: :.

tony harrison echo's his other poem 'nation trust' when he uses the quote from aurthur scargill,
its as if saying 'in articualte people get things taken off them'
V. seems to evolve through each stanza, we are first made aware of the cultural change in Leeds, and how even his father, who had lived there all his life seemed to feel like a stranger in his home town.
it then goes on to discuss the youth, & how theyre ignorant to things, but this allows Tony Harrison so aknowledge the potential 'skin' within himself when he gets 'confronted' by one, which is actually himself.
It uses irony to aknowledge things, such as the 'UNION' sprayed on his parents grave, its ironic beacuse its something his parents never were in life & its what his dad wanted. its also ironic because of the fact that the 'skin' inside tony & the antony (from 'them and UZ' are reunited.

| Posted on 2008-06-15 | by a guest

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