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The Wanderlust Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 163

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Rhymes of a Rolling StoneThe Wanderlust has lured me to the seven lonely seas,

Has dumped me on the tailing-piles of dearth;

The Wanderlust has haled me from the morris chairs of ease,

Has hurled me to the ends of all the earth.

How bitterly I've cursed it, oh, the Painted Desert knows,

The wraithlike heights that hug the pallid plain,

The all-but-fluid silence, -- yet the longing grows and grows,

And I've got to glut the Wanderlust again.Soldier, sailor, in what a plight I've been!

Tinker, tailor, oh what a sight I've seen!

And I'm hitting the trail in the morning, boys,

And you won't see my heels for dust;

For it's "all day" with you

When you answer the cueOf the Wan-der-lust.The Wanderlust has got me . . . by the belly-aching fire,

By the fever and the freezing and the pain;

By the darkness that just drowns you, by the wail of home desire,

I've tried to break the spell of it -- in vain.

Life might have been a feast for me, now there are only crumbs;

In rags and tatters, beggar-wise I sit;

Yet there's no rest or peace for me, imperious it drums,

The Wanderlust, and I must follow it.Highway, by-way, many a mile I've done;

Rare way, fair way, many a height I've won;

But I'm pulling my freight in the morning, boys,

And it's over the hills or bust;

For there's never a cure

When you list to the lureOf the Wan-der-lust.The Wanderlust has taught me . . . it has whispered to my heart

Things all you stay-at-homes will never know.

The white man and the savage are but three short days apart,

Three days of cursing, crawling, doubt and woe.

Then it's down to chewing muclucs, to the water you can eat,

To fish you bolt with nose held in your hand.

When you get right down to cases, it's King's Grub that rules the races,

And the Wanderlust will help you understand.Haunting, taunting, that is the spell of it;

Mocking, baulking, that is the hell of it;

But I'll shoulder my pack in the morning, boys,

And I'm going because I must;

For it's so-long to all

When you answer the callOf the Wan-der-lust.The Wanderlust has blest me . . . in a ragged blanket curled,

I've watched the gulf of Heaven foam with stars;

I've walked with eyes wide open to the wonder of the world,

I've seen God's flood of glory burst its bars.

I've seen the gold a-blinding in the riffles of the sky,

Till I fancied me a bloated plutocrat;

But I'm freedom's happy bond-slave, and I will be till I die,

And I've got to thank the Wanderlust for that.Wild heart, child heart, all of the world your home.

Glad heart, mad heart, what can you do but roam?

Oh, I'll beat it once more in the morning, boys,

With a pinch of tea and a crust;

For you cannot deny

When you hark to the cryOf the Wan-der-lust.The Wanderlust will claim me at the finish for its own.

I'll turn my back on men and face the Pole.

Beyond the Arctic outposts I will venture all alone;

Some Never-never Land will be my goal.

Thank God! there's none will miss me, for I've been a bird of flight;

And in my moccasins I'll take my call;

For the Wanderlust has ruled me,

And the Wanderlust has schooled me,

And I'm ready for the darkest trail of all.Grim land, dim land, oh, how the vastness calls!

Far land, star land, oh, how the stillness falls!

For you never can tell if it's heaven or hell,

And I'm taking the trail on trust;

But I haven't a doubt

That my soul will leap outOn its Wan-der-lust.


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