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The Living Dead Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 126

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Songs of a Sun-LoverSince I have come to years sedate

I see with more and more acumen

The bitter irony of Fate,

The vanity of all things human.

Why, just to-day some fellow said,

As I surveyed Fame's outer portal:

"By gad! I thought that you were dead."

Poor me, who dreamed to be immortal!But that's the way with many men

Whose name one fancied time-defying;

We thought that they were dust and then

We found them living by their dying.

Like dogs we penmen have our day,

To brief best-sellerdom elected;

And then, "thumbs down," we slink away

And die forgotten and neglected.Ah well, my lyric fling I've had;

A thousand bits of verse I've minted;

And some, alas! were very bad,

And some, alack! were best unprinted.

But if I've made my muse a bawd

(Since I am earthy as a ditch is),

I'll answer humbly to my God:

Most men at times have toyed with bitches.Yes, I have played with Lady Rhyme,

And had a long and lovely innings;

And when the Umpire calls my time

I'll blandly quit and take my winnings.

I'll hie me to some Sleepydale,

And feed the ducks and pat the poodles,

And prime my paunch with cakes and ale,

And blether with the village noodles.And then some day you'll idly scan

The Times obituary column,

And say: "Dear me, the poor old man!"

And for a moment you'll look solemn.

"So all this time he's been alive -

In realms of rhyme a second-rater . . .

But gad! to live to ninety-five:

Let's toast his ghost - a sherry, waiter!"


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